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Tips & Tricks When Selling Natural Diamonds

How to Sell Your Diamond Ring

If you are thinking of selling your diamond ring, then learn everything about the process; from preparing it to getting an appraisal to the actual selling moment. As a diamond...

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How and when can I sell diamonds at a profit?

Selling your diamond or diamond jewellery is a great way to earn money, but it can be an intimidating process. If you want to attain an excellent price for your...

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Know the Estimated Value of Your Diamond: Here’s How

Each diamond has unique characteristics that make it valuable. However, this makes the valuation process difficult and unique. Many factors like shape, color, inscriptions and fluorescence affect a diamond’s price....

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Diamond

Diamonds do not have a universal price per gram, like gold, as no two diamonds are identical. Each is appraised based on its unique qualities and thus has a different...

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